PULP ATLAS is a series of artist book exhibitions featuring the work of 12 artists experimenting with the book form.  Each artist will have produced an edition of 12 artist books or zines, allowing for 12 exhibitions to happen simultaneously in different cities during the Fall of 2014.  PULP ATLAS explores the contemporary book form as well as the cultural borders surrounding alternative exhibition spaces.  Artist books and zines occupy a unique territory: inherently legible even while experimental, they are precious and disposable, able to be viewed in public but read as an incredibly personal experience.  PULP ATLAS aims to explore the dynamics of the book form in an alternative viewing space.  

New artist books and zines by:

Michael Bartalos, Morgan Cahn, Matt Coors, Edie Fake, Christopher Kardambikis, Mark Lander, Jenn Pascoe, Vanessa Roveto, Jim Rugg, Tim Schwartz, Mary Tremonte, Imin Yeh

Watch this space for updates on the Fall exhibitions and process photographs from the participating artists.

Breaking my social media hiatus to say, “Check this out!” Lots of great work will be coming out of this and I’ve gotten a pretty sweet spot at the Main Branch Free Library to display it all when it comes through Philly!